Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm Going To Miss. . .

6 weeks.
I only have 6 weeks out of 6 months left here in London.
I can't believe the things I have experienced while being abroad.
I honestly wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world.
My life is forever changed because of this opportunity.
I am thanking God every single day for the chances I get to take.
I know when I am missing home all I can think about are the things that I miss from the U.S..
But there are so many things I will miss once I leave London.
I figure I should tell the world so they know what kind of awesomeness I am leaving behind to come home.

1. My friends!
The people I have met while abroad are some of the greatest most unique people I will ever know.
When you come over here you are forced to make friend.
It's that or hate your life.
I am so lucky to have met the best of the best.
I will never forget these humans.

2. Caramel Waffles
It's a UK thing.

3. The pubs
The atmosphere in these places is so much fun.
Plus it is a great way to people watch.

4. The milk at Tesco Express.
Let me explain.
This milk is only 1 GBP for 4 pints.
That's so cheap for London.
 I buy two at a time.

5. Being able to walk anywhere.
I am in walking distance from the greatest parts of London.
How can you not love that?

6. Public Transportation
So I do miss my own car and being able to just drive.
But I also miss only paying less than $4 for a 30 minute trip.
Not buying gas is amazing.

7. Travel opportunities
Here it is SO EASY to travel to other countries.
Also, it's pretty cheap.
In the U.S. we can travel to other states but it's not the same.
While here I have been to 9 countries so far.
That's insane and completely amazing.

8. Primark
I am not even going to try and lie to myself.
I will miss this place.

9. Pret A Manger
This is like the UK version of a Panera, except slightly less awesome.
It's still my go to for picnics.

10. Susannah
This is our on-site coordinator in London.
This woman was an angel with us KEI kids.
She always makes sure we are getting the most for our money and the best experiences we can have.
She is always looking for ways to help us.
This trip wouldn't have been the same without her.

These are just some of the things I will miss when I leave London.
It's hard to list them all because many of them are material things.
I can't even explain to others back home how it is.
The only ones who can really understand are my friends here.
They share the same feelings and emotions I do about leaving.
All I can say is that I like who I've become while living abroad.
I'm going to miss it all so much.

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