Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Moment

I have been doing so much thinking lately.
I debated sharing this with people but I feel like I need to.
I had this incredible moment in Greece while sitting on the edge of a cliff.
I was sitting there with my feet hanging over the water and rocks below.
I had my moment.
Let me explain this to you.
Before I came over to England I thought about the things I wanted to get out of my trip.
These things varied from meeting One Direction to having an authentic pub experience.
One of the things I wanted was to have my moment.
I didn't know what kind of moment it would be or where it would be.
But sitting on that cliff in Santorini I had my moment.

I was sitting there staring out across the water and it was endless.
I could see nothing but water for miles.
Then I would look down at the waves crashing against the rocks.
This in itself was a huge feat because I am TERRIFIED of heights.
While sitting there I just felt at peace and it was so surreal.
All I could think about was how this doesn't happen to girls from Iberia, Missouri.
I could have never pictured this moment in my life.
I never would have guessed it would happen to me.
But it did.
As I was sitting there I just kept thinking about how God has blessed me more than I deserve.
I mean here I was doing something most people I know will never do.
How do you not feel humbled in that moment?

Then I realized how insignificant I am in this huge world.
At the same time I realized that I am more significant than I know.
What I do matters, and so does how I do it.
Sitting on that cliff you think about how vast the world really is.
I am one in 7 billion.
What makes me so special that God gave me this opportunity to explore a different part of the world?
Why did he lay it on my heart to pursue studying abroad?
I saw it in this moment.
Looking out I got to see the beauty that God has created for us.
It is truly amazing.
No picture or description can give you that moment.
I won't even try.

My moment was one of clarity.
How bad are my problems really?
I have my faith and the freedom to express it to others without persecution.
I have my family, no matter how scattered it may be, they are there.
I have friends who will support me and have my back in every situation.
I have myself, I know what I am capable of and I know what I want.
I also know that I will do everything to achieve my dreams and goals.

We all had moments up on that cliff.
It hit us all at a different time and in a different way.
But my moment was my moment.
Nobody shared it with me and nobody got to have a part of that moment.
I was silent and still.
This may be the greatest moment of my entire trip.
It beats all the hangouts, nights out, celeb run-ins, trips, and souvenirs.
This was my moment.

Until next time,
xoxoxo Sam

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