Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This Weekend

Hey everyone!

So this weekend I was a busy bee!
I felt like I was on the move every single day.
That's probably because I was.
I'm going to split this by each day so bear with me.

Turns out none of my American friends have class on Fridays.
Yipee for us!
This meant that we wanted to get out and explore.
The first place we went was Abbey Road.
If you do not know what this is or the significance of it, well I can't even imagine how that's possible.
It was legendary.
I was literally standing on an enormous piece of British iconic history.
It was amazing.
I have no doubt that in 1969 the Beatles had no clue what they would do with that picture.
Unfortunately Abbey Road is still a working road.
People drive it everyday.
And let me just say they do not like stopping!
People were honking and were really impatient.
I mean I could see where they were coming from because it would be annoying to have to wait for people to take pictures on the crosswalk.
Then again you KNOW the meaning of that place and that people will want the iconic picture.
Drive a different route if it bothers you that much.
I guess that's just my opinion because I am that person who was in awe standing there.

After Abbey Road we went to Covent Gardens.
It's a really cool shopping are and has markets and things like that.
PLUS they have a FIVE GUYS!
That was probably one of my greatest discoveries in London.
We all know how I love my Five Guys.
We were in a ice cream shop that night and the girl behind the counter overheard us talking about it.
She had the nerve to say that she didn't really care for it.
I was ready to fight with that statement.
You can't not like Five Guys.
Especially when you don't have delicious burger joints like it.
After that we were all exhausted and headed home for the night.
Oh, I also found another Nike.
This one is a regular store which means my bank account will hate me soon.

Today we had our trip around London.
It was a very Royal day on our tour.
Our first stop was Westminster Abbey.
Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pictures because it is still a church.
I understood but was a little sad.
I saw the graves of people like Shakespeare, the Unknown Soldier, and so many more.
It was incredibly creepy.
I was walking on dead people the entire time and I am not a fan.
Back home it's disrespectful to walk on someone's grave.
There you would have to fly to avoid it.
The coolest thing about this church is that it is wear the coronations of Kings and Queens take place.
Also, the Royal Wedding!
I was fangirling because I got to walk the exact path Kate did when she got married.
Just call me a princess now!

After the Abbey it was to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard.
This was so cool.
I don't want offend the queen, but her guards look like the guards off of the Wizard of Oz.
Sorry to speak the truth.
I was waiting to hear the chants like in the movie.
Sadly they never came...
It was so crowded for the guard changing and the queen wasn't even home!
There were hundreds of people there to watch.
I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but you can't actually be face to face with the guards.
So in movies how you see them standing perfectly still while people do anything to make them move.
It's not possible.
It's all a lie.
I'm sorry...

After the Palace it was to Tower of London.
Basically this is a huge fortress where a lot of people have died.
It was kind of creepy.
I would definitely not want to be there at night.
I got to see where Anne Boelyn was beheaded so I guess that's a win...
After the tour we had a long walk home.
I was exhausted.
We finished the night by playing cards in our kitchen and just hanging out.
Friends at home I have a couple new card games for our infamous card nights!
I will prevail at these games!

Today was girls day.
My flatmates and I joined up with two other KEI girls and we went to the markets.
In East London there are tons of markets!
We visited 3 huge ones.
Our final destination was Brick Lane which is considered the Little India of London.
There was so much to see.
Food, vintage, and more food.
I have decided that what people here consider vintage is stuff that we would never think of wearing.
Mom should of kept all those old Levi jeans...
I tried some amazing food and enjoyed the great company.
I plan on making this a regular Sunday thing with the hopes that I don't go broke or gain tons of weight from all the delicious food.

This was my weekend in a nutshell.
I saw and did so much that I am still exhausted just thinking about it.
I can't complaint though because that is exactly why I chose London for study abroad.
There is always something to do and you can never say you are bored.
There are a few times when I want to be bored.
I love this city and I love exploring the different parts.

Until next time,

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