Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Exploring Solo

Today was our first day without our director!
My flat decided we wanted to check out the free museums in South Kensington. 
Two things about that sentence. 
First, the free museums!
Yeah how incredible is that? 
Almost all museums in London are free. 
This is because Queen Victoria and Prince Albert wanted uneducated people to have access to information that would make them smarter. 
Thank God for dumb Londoners back in the day!
Second, South Kensington.
This place is absolutely gorgeous. 
We compared it to the Upper East Side in New York. 
It is very posh, expensive, and nice. 
Many of the residents and shops are French. 
I don't know why but they love South Kensington. 
This is also where Harrods is!
It's massive. 
I didn't have the chance to visit there today. 

So we all woke up and took the tube to South Kensington. 
We were so proud because we maneuvered the stations all on our own! 
It's only day three!
I felt like a pro and I'm sure the residents hate us. 
Finally we made it to South Kensington. 
We decided that the museum we wanted to see today was the Victoria and Albert. 
These are named after the Queen and Prince. 
This museum is so cool. 
It doesn't have a specific theme and you can see almost anything. 
They have jewels, statues, crowns, paintings, and so much more. 
It was so incredible!
I being the little history nerd that I am was in love. 
This place is so massive though that we didn't even see the all the exhibits. 
We figured we will make our way back sometime in the next 6 months. 

After we left the museum we decided we should probably head home. 
So we started our walk to find the Underground Station. 
We ended up walking past this huge Catholic church and decided to take a look. 
I cannot even describe the beauty of this place. 
It was so ornate and gorgeous, the architecture was incredible. 
There was a sign that said no pictures, but I snuck a few on my iPhone. 
You can check those out on my fb page. 
We left the church and figured it was really time to head home. 
We managed to get to the station while realizing we were there during rush hour! 
It was so packed!
Twice we had to wait for another train because of how many people there were.
Finally we got back to our dorm which is where I am now. 
I am so exhausted from a lack of sleep and walking all day. 
We have all decided that we better be in great shape after this much walking.

I am still missing everyone all the time!
I love you guys and love telling you all about my days!
Just keep in mind that this is barely scratching the surface.
I feel like when I come home I will need weeks just to sit down with everyone. 
I also want to thank Mrs. Zink for giving me great advice before I left. 
You told me to make every day an adventure. 
I have set out to do just that. 
I have made a promise to myself to try something new or discover something new each day that I am here. 
Thank you for that challenge!

Until next time, 

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