Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Orientation&First Night Out

Hey everyone!
So these past few days have been absolute madness!
I wish everyone could be here with me to see what I see. 
I am missing everyone terribly too. 

Okay so day two was a walking tour with our director. 
It was also an orientation of our neighborhood and things that will come in handy during our time here. 
So we started out taking the bus. 
We reached our first destination and learned how to "top up" or "top off" our oyster cards. 
Yeah I'm kind of becoming accustomed to their slang. 
So then we started our walking tour of London. 
I can't even believe how much I have seen and know that I still haven't been everywhere. 
There is so much happening. 
Basically this walk was just to give us a bearing of places we could go on our own.
We didn't really stop in anywhere.
It was mainly a stop, look, and onto the next thing. 
Some of the cool things I did see:
Tower of London, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Shakespeare's Globe theater, all kinds of beautiful architecture, and so much more. 
We finished the tour at a 3 story tall Starbucks for Orientation talks. 
This was all really fun but the best part came that night. 

It turned out that one of the girls turned 21 yesterday. 
We decided that we had to take her out and celebrate. 
As you all know the drinking age here is 18 so we are all age, even the birthday girl. 
We wanted her to have a good time though. 
Plus there are 20 of us and we are all American so we understood. 
So we started out a pub but they stopped serving food. 
Then we tried the next one down the road and they didn't have the space. 
At this point I was ready to find a Mickey D's and call it good. 
Finally we went to a pub called the Blue-Eyed-Maid. 
If you are ever in London I suggest this pub!
So we got there and they actually accommodated us by moving tables around. 
Finally it was time to order. 
Me and another girl were assigned as designated walkers instead of drivers. 
After we left this place we walked around London aimlessly. 
We decided to start heading back to a local place to see if anything was going on. 
We found a pub called Belushi's and it happened to be karaoke night. 

Now people who know me know I DO not sing in public, but I guess last night was an exception. 
The first guy to go was British and could SING!
We were all cheering for him. 
Then we decided we wanted to get up there and show them how Americans do it. 
So naturally we pick the most typical 90's girl song and choose Wannabe by Spice Girls. 
It was so much fun!
I loved singing with two other girls!
Honestly it took everything in myself not to choose some Johnny Cash and get up there and sing away. Don't worry I didn't. 
It's amazing how much fun you have when you don't know a single person in the crowd!
This went on for the entire night. 
We closed it out with my selection of Don't Stop Believin' because I mean it's Journey and you can't not sing to Journey. 
After this it was time to head home. I think I finally got to bed about 2:30 in the morning. 
The time difference is still kicking my butt! 

All in all it was an amazing day with my group! 
We all get along really well and don't have to worry about cliques even though half of them are from the same school.
Until next time!


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